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John Chapman, better-known as the American legend and folk hero Johnny Appleseed, was born in Massachusetts in 1774. He dedicated his life to traveling America and planting apple trees. Moving westward across America he supplied settlers the needed fruit trees to provide sustenance throughout the long winters. Folklore and legend regarding Johnny Appleseed and his apple trees spread across the nation and have persisted long after his death. Today, the story of Johnny Appleseed is still taught in elementary school curriculums and many see him as a legendary American figure.



Over the last 26 years, Johnny Appleseed Orchards LLC has identified and cataloged the varieties of apples planted by Johnny Appleseed in his many orchards. This includes the last documented and verified living tree in Nova, Ohio that was planted about 175 years ago by Johnny Appleseed and continues to flourish.


The “Johnny Appleseed Authentic” trademark has been secured for Food, Gardening and Cleaning categories. We plan to introduce a broad range of products under the Johnny Appleseed Authentic trademark which captures the essence of the man and legend, Johnny Appleseed. Learn More..  




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