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Jeff Meyer, the founder of Johnny Appleseed Orchards LLC, could be called a modern-day Johnny Appleseed. In 1991, through his avid research, he discovered and authenticated the last living tree planted by Johnny Appleseed. He also has documented the diversity of trees planted by Johnny Appleseed in his orchards. Jeff has been planting trees for over 50 years and is a lifetime conservationist. In the 1990’s, he worked with American Forests to restore habitat on Public Lands. Culminating in September 2002, with the planting of his 20 millionth tree.



Jeff also founded and developed our nation’s single largest privately funded conservation ranch, located in Wyoming. This 626,000 acre project is dedicated to enhancing and restoring one of our nation’s most critical sage brush habitats for endangered and threatened species. Jeff is a published author, whose works include a book that documents some of our nations most significant and important historic trees.